Professional & Consulting Chef Services

Professional & Consulting Chef Services in Brighton & East Sussex

Consulting Chef Services for Restaurants

Cookery courses & workshops

  • Bread making: different kinds of yeast, flours & dough (bread, pizza, rye…)
  • Pasta & Gnocchi making: regional pasta from all over Italy, different sauces & seasoning
  • Pastry


Kitchen organization & setting

  • Conduct a 360° assessment to address operational efficiency and effectiveness
  • Work with operators to determine areas in need of enhancement (for example: staff, food, budget)


Menu creation

  • Create recipe ideations and menu conceptualisations


Professional Services for Homes, Amateur & Pro Chefs

Cooking lessons

  • At home or in professional kitchens
  • Italian, Mediterreanean, fusion / fish, meat, vegetarian


Home cooking

  • Have your own in-home Chef for seasonal & bespoke menus: fish, meat, vegetarian
  • Dishes are prepared with fresh ingredients right in your home
  • Special, personalized menus for all occasions: Dinner parties, Hors d’oeuvre party, Reception, Barbeque…
  • I can entertain your guests with an interactive dining experience with demonstration


Chef based in Brighton, East Sussex. Available for transfers.